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Cambridge Safe and Strong


Cambridge, with its river, hiking trails, parks, and three unique historic cores, should be one of Ontario’s most desirable cities. But our municipality currently faces many difficulties. If you believe that Cambridge has the potential to thrive and prosper, consider participating in our grassroots movement and working to tackle today’s challenges. Cambridge Safe and Strong aims to help our city become cleaner, more prosperous, and safer for residents and businesses. 

Who are we?


 Our group was founded by seven former For a Better Cambridge (FABC) Management Committee members: Joanne Malone, Rick Hilborn, Angela Raposo, Lynne Gaetz, Murray Marshall, Kurt Ditner, and John Watson. Our current Management Committee also includes: Tim Malone, Nancy Hilborn, Mark Fisher and Pablo Astesiano.

Our Mandate


 We will work to help our core areas  so that it is cleaner, more vibrant, and more welcoming to businesses, residents, and visitors. Although we support appropriate services for the homeless, drug addicted, and those with mental health issues, our focus is to minimize the impact on surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses. We also feel that there should be a more equitable distribution of support services across our community and throughout the entire region of Waterloo. Furthermore, we strongly endorse Cambridge By-Law 55-18 and all other legal and peaceful efforts to prevent a CTS or similar site from being located in Cambridge’s core and residential areas. Finally, we plan to partner with persons, groups, and agencies who can assist us in achieving our objectives.  

Cambridge needs citizen engagement to help tackle today's challenges and to make Cambridge safe and strong. Join us!